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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  May 3, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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but lost the k-9 team, and invs. gaiters involved in the hunt searched cabins at the camp, one armed with a rifle. they searched for app hour before giving the property the all-clear. >> i don't have one in school now, but if i did, you know, that's scary. >> reporter: she's been sharing police tweets and images on social media. she says other moms in the area will keep kids indoors after school today. >> i hope they catch him quick because i don't want to go to bed tonight not knowing if my door will be busted down. >> reporter: the facility beyond this fence, and this as close as we can be, but i keep touching base with corrections officers by phone and learn that investigators also work with transportation agencies in the area to see if he may have caught a bus or a train and once captured, i'm told he'll no longer be a minimum security inmate, but facing an additional three to five years behind bars. we'll keep you posted as soon as
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we hear anything. we are live, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> to our weather now, a rainy tuesday. it's. another soggy day across much of the region as you can see here in delaware county. a live look now over the art museum this afternoon. it is still damp and dreary out there. chilly too. there's more rain to come. >> first alert chief meteorologist is tracking the wet weather and neighborhoods it's impacting, glen? >> that's right. we are not expecting anything as heavy as what we got last night, but there's more threats of light rain and drizzle. we already have the reality of cloudy skies everywhere, not anywhere near the temperature contrast we had yesterday. it's 58 in philadelphia. one of the cool spots, 54 in the pa suburbs. not much of a difference. lehigh valley, 55 degrees right now. everybody is cloudy. the temperatures are fairly uniform as well.
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cookstown at 57. bethlehem at 55 degrees, and easton 54. well, the temperature in philadelphia today, 59, and we're not going very far over the rest of the week. the average high is 70 for this time of the year. we're not getting close to it, and the main reason, the clouds that are sticking around, the wind comes off the ocean, preventing any of that clearing to the west from coming in here. we don't see anything real significant on radar, just a few little drizzle drops from time to time. there is a little bit more rain back to the west, some storms down south of washington. looks like that, if anything, would hit just southern delaware. as we go through the next 24 hours or so, you don't really see a lot of rain tonight, but as we go into the morning hour, we see more and more developing, so it's likely to be wet for the morning rush as well.
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we'll see when it's going to be wetter before the week is over with the rest of the forecast coming up. >> we are following breaking news in the case of a man in a wheelchair shot and killed by police. the whole thing caught on cell phone video. in the past hour, nbc 10's tim furlong learned the internal investigation is over. he joins us now live in wilmington with more, tim? >> reporter: people have. waiting for the information, but hearing police are not going to say whether or not officers were exactly justified in the killing of jeremy, but waiting for the attorney general's office up the street to make that decision. now, this being said, terrorist not hard to see how city and police leaders feel about this. just read the court documents. i went and got them today. warning from the police caught on cell phone video on september 23rd. when the police officers saw jeremy reach for the waist, they shot and killed him in the wheelcha wheelchair. police were call to the scene
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for reports of a man with a gun. he defended the officers from the beginning. >> perceived a threat and responded to it and engaged. >> reporter: the family and friends held rallies issue and soon, the results, likely to jive with the dismissing the lawsuit. many lawyers argue he had a .38 caliber recoal 6 and residue on his right hand. the family argues he was unarmed at the time and believe it was rationally motivated and officers basically murdered him. the officers involved in the shooting had not been name in the case, but the names are now on public record in the lawsuit. the officers are still on leave. it looks like even though police want to hear the results of this investigati investigation, they are awaiting the attorney general's investigation as well before making any decisions. that office will not tell me why this all has taken so long. i spoke to the family's sister today, and agree or disagree with the findings, she says the family deserves the answers.
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tim furlong, nbc 10 news. now to decision 2016 now, all eyes on indiana today, voters there headed to the polls in a primary that could make or break it for the presidential candidat candidates. on the republican side, trump hopes for a decisive victory that will clear his path to the republican nomination. >> trump may be ahead in the polls, but ted cruz is not going down without a fight. the texas senator on the attack against trump today delivering a list of personal insults. this came after trump repeated a tabloid report linking cruz's father to the assassination of john f. kennedy. >> this man is a pathological liar. he doesn't know the difference between truth and lies. he lies practically every word that comes out of his mouth. >> trump said, quote, ted krcru
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is desperate trying to save his failing campaign, and no surprise he has returned to the rhetoric that nobody believes." >> today's race on the democratic side is expected to be closerment sanders vowed not to drop out despite hillary clinton having a sizable delegate lead. he had breakfast in indianapolis this morning and clinton campaigned in west virginia. she's turning her attention to the general election. >> the front runner set sights on new jersey, opening the first campaign head quarters in the garden state. right now, trump is leading the polls in new jersey. for complete decision 2016 coverage including tonight's results and counts, be sure to tap that nbc 10 app. this just in, a big food recall got bigger. crf frozen foods recalled more than 300 frozen fruit and
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vegetable products after seven people got sick from lie steer ya. it's sold at trader joe's and safeway kitchens. it's expansion of the recall issued late last month. for a full list of affected products, tap that nb 10 app. a 27-year-old cold case in philadelphia finally come to a close thanks to new dna evidence. yesterday, churchill was sentenced to life in prison forrifor murdering two women back in 1989. he spent the last few years in georgia. philadelphia police tracked him down with new dna evidence, one killed was found strangled in a burned down building. for years, her family waited patiently for this moment. >> don't give up. don't lose hope. it's always somebody out there. they'll find them dead or alive. don't give up on your loved ones at all. we didn't. we waited 27 years for justice,
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and we got it. >> philadelphia police were able to find new dna evidence thanks to a federal grant allowing more dna testing of cold cases. today, big names read aloud in court in jury selection in the congressman's corruption trial. on the list, current and former elected officials, u.s. congressmen, bob brady and patrick mehan and bob casey. locally, ed rendell and philadelphia councilwoman brown as well as his wife, former news anchor, and they are accused by federal prosecutors of misusing grant and campaign money. one defendant accused of bribing the congressman. it's up clear which side brings the names into the case and who will actually testify. the jury pool dropped from 255 to under 100. nbc 10 learn that jerry sandusky has been exchanging letters with a pittsburgh reporter hoping to tell his side
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of the story. a reporter at the nbc station, wpsi, received three letters. in the first one, he wrote, i would welcome the opportunity to meet with you if you have a genuine purpose to feature the other side of what happened. i'm interested, end quote. so far, he's not done any intervie interviews. a new effort to save lives in pennsylvania. families can get medicine that reverses a drug overdose as easily as they can pick up bread and milk. acme announced the pharmacies will offer narcan without prescription and without the wait. lauren mayk is live. >> reporter: jim, this epidemic is now getting the attention of big companies like this one. the idea is to get narcan into the hands of parents or others ho worry a loved one could overdose. today, i spoke with a woman who thought about keeping it in her house when her brother was
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around, but she does have concerns about what else access could mean. >> he was charming. had this great big smile, and he was my person. >> less than a year since jen lost her brother, john, to an overdose. >> i knew that was going to be the call that i got, you know, and i dreaded it. >> reporter: said there was close calls before. >> after the narcan, he was in the hospital, got out, and within 12 hours, he was narcan again for another overdose and went back and started using drugs again. >> reporter: known by narcan is becoming widely available. something baylor says is a double-edged sword. >> could be a crutch for people knowing it's out there, knowing if they use, they could be saved by it. >> reporter: in delaware county, authorities argue it is saving lives. more than 200 in the past year and a half. now they spread the word about
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acme pharmacies in pennsylvania committing to keep it on hand, and you don't need to walk in with a prescription. >> worried about parents being enablers? yes. we are worried about that, but we give a stern warning. >> reporter: the attorney says those administered the drug need to get to a hospital and into treatment. >> if you're a parent, you use this, you're a loved one, have app ambulance there, your child could die if they don't get medical treatment. >> i could have offered a million dollars, and he wouldn't have stopped. addiction had a hold on him. >> reporter: now, i spoke with a pharmacist about the narcan available in pharmacies, and it is easy to use, a nasal spray, two doses per box and costs $155, though it could be covered by insurance policy. live, lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. crews back to the river today trying to determine why there is a mysterious oil sheen
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in the water. it surfaced yesterday in center city and spanned a quarter mile. we reached out to the coast guard who says the river and bike paths remain open despite the sheen. now to the latest on the investigation into a fight that left a delaware high school student dead. nbc 10 has reach out to wilmington police to see if they filed charges in the death of amy joiner frances. a family spokesperson has not herd any new information. the 16-year-old student died last month after a bathroom fight in the howard high school of technology. police said they would announce charges last friday, but they said they still have a lot of evidence to go through. isis attack in northern iraq killed a u.s. navy seal. military officials have not released the seal's name, but say it was direct fire near erbil. u.s. responded with more than 20 air strikes. it was the first death for the u.s. in the last seven months.
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kenya now, a trapped baby girl rescued. this shows the moment the rescue happened today in nairobi. the 7 month old was dehydrated, but no physical injuries from the three and a half ordeal. the death toll stands at 23. friends and family gather to remember a student who was killed in a crash on the pennsylvania turnpike. a memorial for kelly o'brien is set for 5:00 p.m. she died after a tractor trailer overturned on her car last week. the cause of the crash remains under investigation. philadelphia police hopefuls may soon get to skip the college credits required for job. the department wants to end that requirement that recruits have at least two years of college credits to help increase enrollment, but first the change needs okay from the
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administrative board meeting friday. the philadelphia police department is about 400 officers shy of the ideal number. schools in detroit closed for a second day due to a mass sick out by teachers. they rallied outside the headquarters in detroit. they're protesting the possibility of not getting paid after june 30th, but this morning, a michigan lawmaker said that won't happen and the school's financial problems will be fixed. ♪ a sure sign we're closer to the start of the olympic games in rio. the olympic flame arrived in brazil's capital cop tntained i the lantern there. it begins the journey around the country before the start of the summer games. remember, nbc 10 is your exclusive home for all the olympic game action. coming up this august. >> new video shows firefighters working to put out flames after lightning struck a house in cape may during the storms that passed through overnight.
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nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter, ted greenberg, explains why firefighters had an especially hard time putting the fire out. >> reporter: flames raced across rooftops soon after a bolt of lightning jolted people out of bed in cape may. >> it was the biggest boom i've heard. i mean, it felt like a bomb had gone off in our yard. >> reporter: they live across the street from where lightning struck a chimney on st. james place around 1:00 a.m. the fire quickly spread side to side burning through two adjoining townhouses. one was vacant, a woman in the other got out safely. >> it was scary. >> reporter: the first alert weather team tracked hundreds of strikes just before the fire overnight. cape may easily saw the most lightning as the line of storms moved through our area. >> when it comes to lightning strikes, it's definitely no joke. >> reporter: shortly before the lightning strike in cape may, a
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fire broke out at this home in neighboring lower township, so that created a logistical challenge for firefighters. >> they called us for help as they normally do, and we had to turn them down. >> reporter: depleted our aid from the start so we had to draw a lot of people from the north, middle township, wildwoods to bring us help down. >> reporter: took them hours to get the upper hand on these flames, sparked by mother nature, focusing her energy here. >> at our ages, we think we've seen everything, and we haven't. >> reporter: nbc 10 news. >> we knew thanks to the weather team there was severe stuff out there last night overnight too. >> with our neighborhood system, it really was able to zero in, glen? >> we can tell you we're not going to be seeing in the kind of thunderstorms tomorrow or even into friday. maybe the next threat is sunday morning. today's threat is just cloudy and chilly and a little bit
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damp. philadelphia, 58 degrees. close to that across the rest of the area. in delaware, we're 57 degrees. playing some softball out here. there's the pitch. it's a popup. okay. shortstop got it. they are getting down to 54 at 9:00. 49 at 7:00 in the morning, and it is going to stay cloudy. now, if you want to see you're on seven-day forecast, scrolling on the bottom of the screen all through this weather cast, and every other weather cast that we have, you don't have to wait until the end of the weather now, and it's not just for philadelphia anymore. we have temperatures in the mid-50s mostly. clayton, 56 degrees. vineland 55. millville 56. medford 56 degrees with cloudy skies and east wind, the temperatures are fairly similar. yesterday, a 20 degree difference between the temperatures across the area.
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medford 56, lumberton 56, princeton 55 degrees right now. and lots of clouds around. we do have a little bit of clearing back to the west. it's not really going to help us much because our winds are coming from the eastment on the radar, not much. drizzle drops too small to be detected by radar, but there is drizzle out there, more later on tonight. this cluster of storms south of washington looks like it stays pretty far to the south, if anything, just grazing sussex county, delaware, otherwise it's just cloudy and damp as we go into tomorrow morning. we've got some showers across the area, and you're going to need umbrellas for tomorrow morning. not heavy rain. not thunderstorms, but it's damp. it's cloudy. here's more showers as we did into the amp hours. you're going to get sick of the pattern by the end of the week. thursday. more light rain or drizzle.
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probably not as much activity thursday as what we're going to see tomorrow or friday. it's still not exactly going to be a beautiful day. tomorrow, reading 55 degrees. some of those especially morning showers, maybe amp showers, not raining all day, but the temperature is not going anywhere. phoenixville, newtown in the mid-50s with periods of rain, generally on the lighter side, fairmont 57 degrees. it's fairly similar tomorrow. we have more than a 20-degree temperature contrast yesterday, but a different weather pattern, a different forecast. trenton at 54 degrees getting light rain as well, and even at the shore, 53 degrees in atlantic city, and avlon, 54 in galloway, and delaware, they were up near 80 degrees yesterday. nowhere near that today as we go into tomorrow.
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over the next couple days after that, not much after improvement. thursday we have fog. that's the main story, and then friday, the rain. lehigh valley, 59 degrees friday, less rain than the rest of the area, but the jersey shore gets heavy rain, and gusty winds friday and have coastal flooding. not a pretty picture. same story for delaware. the delaware beaches are going to be in the mid-50s with clouds and rain and wind. we'll see if this improves by mother's day weekend a little later. >> hope so, thank you. insomniacs, listen up, something getting you to sleep without a pill. >> new recommendation that saves time and money and avoids sleepless nights. controversy sleep advice, the trick some experts say will sleep train babies at just two months old. >> plus, eyesight of the future, the new technology that could record everything you see.
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upgrade at the shore, the change that gets you on the beach fast aeer and less hassle this summer. first, a look at closing bell on wall street. the dow and nasdaq and s&p all down today.
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♪ beyonce's headache making history again, not only did the new album debut at number one, but all 12 tracks charted on the billboard hot 100, making her the first woman to chart 12 songs on the hot 100 at once. taylor swift held the previous record with 11, and bieber holds
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the all time record with 17 songs. headed to the shore this summer, you no longer need cash to buy a beach badge, at least not in three shore towns, see isle, longport, and betner have an app to allow you to buy beach badges with smart phones. the chief financial officer tells the press it's about convenience. she says the app gives beach goers the chance to purchase a badge at a pre-season discounted price. from the delaware bureau, first state's beer, wine, and spirits trail is expanding. this morning's leaders gathered at iron hill brewery and announced the trail doubles in size from 12 locations to 24. it was created back in 2010 to highlight craft beverages including breweries, wineries, and now adding cideries to the list. >> i do love cider. >> i do too. >> we're going to have to go check it out. >> okay. taking videos with the phone
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or glasses is not new as cameras shrink in size. >> this is wild. now a camera so small it fits on a lens you can actually wear. sony's patented this. it's capable of recording video, storing it, and playing back by blinking your eye. this has enhanced features like zoom and image stabilization. no word on when we'll get a first look at camera. actually, i'm recording right now. >> see, that's scary. you never know when they are recording. >> bizarre. >> big brother always watching. >> yes. desperate to fix the broken heater in the winter, a woman says she thinks she paid more than she should to get a new one. >> we got involved, and why state officials took action and why this should be a warning to everyone. oh, we've been through this, right? the sound of a baby crying on a plane. it can make for an unsettling
4:27 pm
trip, but why one plane full of passengers was happy for all the noisy kids on board. >> and i'm tracking weather that's enough to make anyone cry. pl plenty of clouds, rain, and cool temperatures. i'll track the latest round of showers next in the first alert forecast. coming up at 5:00, welcome to the big time. the coveted spot you're about to see, the eagles newest quarterback, carson wentz, at 5:00.
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right now, nbc 10 responds to a viewer who is red hot after being left in the cold.
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>> yeah. she says her heating repair bill climbed higher than she thinks it should have claiming a company quoted her one price and upped it more than a thousand dollars after they started the work. she reached out to nbc 10 spopdspopd responds, and harry, how did you help her? >> she believes the company took advantage of her and her situation. now she wants that extra charge refunded. >> how long were you without heat? a week. >> a week without heat? >> yeah. it was horrible. >> top that adams says her heater broke down early february leaving her home too cold for comfort. >> i had hats and gloves, everything. >> reporter: for days, called several local heating companies, but they were too busy or lacked proper certification. she contacted hughes and sons plumbing heating and air-conditioning. she got app estimate for a new heater, totally $4550. >> they pull things apart, and
4:32 pm
says, we have a problem. >> one to impact her wallet. saying the new workers told her she needed an additional part, and the owner said the first worker did not order all the necessary parts for the new heater. >> what do you mean? >> she says she was upset but needed heat, so she paid an extra $1250. she says the complaints to the owner went nowhere so she called us. we called hughes and son twice. the owner was not the the office. after we left, the owner, ed, call. he says the first worker made a mistake on the estimate. when the heater was put in, he only charged adams for the extra part, not the labor to install it. he also agreed to explain this on camera, but never set up a time. here's what we found out at the better business bureau. >> edward hughes has an f rating
4:33 pm
with the bbb. there were 11 complaints filed, and they are no longer a member because they failed to respond to complaints. >> i don't know how they stay in business. >> reporter: meantime, adams hopes by telling her story, she'll help others and plans to take the company to court to get some answers for herself. >> i want the difference of my money, and i want an apology. >> since we got involved, the pennsylvania state attorney general's office says they are investigating adams' issue. the state also says they are investigating another ten complaints against edward hughes and sons. we are in close contact with the state and will keep you updated on any resolution that becomes of this. >> the state's on it, you're on it, and -- >> hopefully things will get done and we'll see exactly what happens. >> harry, if you have a consumer problem, put the team to work for you. e-mail
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coming up, tomorrow, a woman bought a laptop online, but months went by and said it never showed up. we stepped in to help. that's tomorrow at 4:00. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> it seems like gray skies have settled in for the long haul. nbc 10 along the ben franklin parkway this morning, looking at the jersey shore as well, a live look from the beaches, not exactly beach weather today, though. it'll be here eventually. you have to be patient. >> yeah. a lot of patience this week. >> going it take some time. >> our meteorologist is tracking the rain now. glen? >> we have a little bit of light rain, a drizzle around now that's going to increase as we go through the night tonight and even more coming on friday before we see a change in the pattern. it's 57 in wilmington and coatesville, 55 in allentown,
4:35 pm
and mount holly. yesterday, across delaware, there's a 20 degree difference. today? 56 degrees in the northern end of the state, and 58 in middletown, and 65 in georgetown. close to 80 degrees yesterday, and only 65 degrees today. that's what the clouds do. hold the temperatures down. there's sprinkles, but mostly cloudy now, and showers down to the south, big thunderstorms passing south of the area during the night tonight. what is going to come in, another area of showers, talking about there's 9:00 tonight no big thunderstorms like we saw last night, but there are showers, and that's the morning rush, and it's likely to be damp with some fog again and temperatures, you can see, not going anywhere for the rest of the night. i'll be back with the ten-day forecast to see if we improve over mother's day weekend in
4:36 pm
just a few minutes. >> work, down to narrow down the jurors in the corruption trial. we have been in the courtroom all day and is live in center city. >> reporter: from the president to a nun, those are some of the names on a list that were put in front of the jury. now, the day started with them behind closed doors with the lawyers from both sides and the judge. they were asked questions of those of us out in the courtroom could not hear, and right now, those lawyers are widdling down the list they started with 250, and now they have about 80 to choose from. who do they know and how? that's what defense attorneys want to know from potential jurors. the pool slimmed down close to 100 by lunchtime on tuesday. they heard names of big corporations like sally mae and local schools and temple. they were asked about any personal affiliations. then the names of witnesses and people who may come up in the
4:37 pm
case were read to them, big names like president obama and vice president joe biden brought up. one man in the pool told the judge he's friends with biden's brother-in-law. ed rendell and union boss all names that were rid,s former congressman from rhode island and another sitting and former u.s. state representative read as jurors were asked if they knew the people personally. the injury hears the government paint a picture of bribes, misspent grant moneys laying out a case against the four alleged coconspirators. unclear if the famous names read aloud today appear as witnesses or just mentioned in the case. now jurors were asked if they had any family members or they, themselves, served in law enforcement, worked for the federal government, had knowledge of the legal system, or were attorneys. at one appointment, the judge asked the group, about a hundred people at that point, any other reasons not to be considered add jurors. seven people went up. questions and answers were not
4:38 pm
heard in the courtroom, but most of those people were dismissed. reporting live outside the federal courthouse, nbc 10 news. >> lots of questions today. all right. next at 4:00, attention shoppers, what the man in the video is accused of doing in whole foods that could have put others in danger. at 5:00 -- search and rescue, watch as firefighters uncovered four tiny victims from a burning home all new at 5:00.
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now the conrad school of science is a step closer of dropping the name of the mascot. last night, the mascot committee voted to replace the name redskins, working with delaware native americans to come up with an acceptable replacement. now the recommendation moves to the school board with the final said. the fbi is investigating a
4:42 pm
possible food contamination. this is a man investigators believe sprinkled a liquid on the prepared food at the store in ann arborment they shut down those sections and sanitized equipment before restocking. preliminary tests of the liquid came back negative for harmful substances. several local children began the opportunity of a lifetime today. next the special send off to warmer weather with favorite characters. >> plus, seeing a lull in the rain for now, but it's not going to last long. when the showers return tonight and when the latest round of wet weather will clear out before the next one arrives. all new tonight at 5:00, free food, but only for a select group of people. clock's ticking, tonight, those stories and more new at 5:00.
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oh. >> poor baby. babies crying on an airplane never sounded so sweet some lucky jet blue customers. in honor of mother's day, the airline told passengers on a flight from new york to california whenever a baby cried, they each would get 25% off a future flight. that means every passenger on the plane a free round trip ticket. that should calm pmgs down who are always complaining about crying babies. >> can you see mom, going, pinching the baby. >> cry louder. >> cry louder, a free trip. a dream comes true for children from new jersey today. >> hopped a jet for a well-deserved day at disney
4:47 pm
world. the trip called operation dream lift sends ill, physically charged, or abused children to disney through the sunshine foundation. the group got a big send off this morning as they left the airport with the help of new jersey state troopers who accompanied the kids on the trip. once they get to florida, mickey is there providing hugs and smiles for everyone. >> the whole day's about them. we're down in the morning and back that night, but they get to spend a day in the park, something they not normally would be able to do. >> the group gets welcomed back to new jersey at 10:00 p.m. with yet another big party to end the whole special day. why would anyone want to escape this weather we've been having is and continuing through friday? cloudy skies, get used to it. cloudy in the pennsylvania suburbs, 54 degrees, 56 new jersey, 57 in delaware.
4:48 pm
well, you can see if it's going to change in your area with the seven-day forecast scrolling down on the screen during every weather for different areas, not just philadelphia, and you just don't have to wait the end of the weather cast for it anymore. well, we got a little bit more of a northerly wind today, still not warm enough to shore any. 5 in wholegate, and in atlantic city, 57, and so not exactly a mild day at the shore, and we've seen clouds all over the place. there's the cloudy skies, but you can see the tops of the buildings, and that's an improvement, but tomorrow morning, you probably are not going able to see that. not much on the radar close by. there's showers down by washington, and that is going to go to our south and not bother us, but we are going to have particular in the way of rain that will be bothering some people over the next 24 hours or
4:49 pm
so. here's some coming in from the west. later on tonight, it's not as heavy as what we last night. we're not expecting strong thunderstorms or localized flooding or anything like that. it's just a nuance, and especially when it's day after day after day it becomes more of a nuance. there we are. this is wednesday afternoon, still showers around. this would suggest perhaps thunderstorms towards the shore. if anyone clears out, warms up, the contrast between that and cool air creates heavier showers. we're not expecting much of that. the clouds, you can see, the whiteness on the map, that's the cloud cover. it stays. there's thursday. not a lot on the radar. probably getting less activity on thursday than wednesday or friday because friday the more significant storm will be developing, so, yes, unseasonably school cool, and
4:50 pm
that is going to continue. the average high temperature this time of the year is 70, not even close to it. we have temperatures below 60 degrees, and the dreary week, that continues as well. as we go through the next few days, you see pa suburbs, we're not getting to 60. there's friday with rain and 58. lehigh valley, friday, rain, and friday should be the worst day of all, especially the jersey shore and delaware. does it move out by the weekend? still going for that. there's the nasty weather friday with winds, coastal flooding, but 70 saturday, and sunday could be mornings, and then afternoon clearing near 70 degrees. it's going to feel nice. monday, 74 degrees, and, look, 80s coming in towards the middle of next week when the pattern finally changes.
4:51 pm
>> glen, thank. well, do you struggle with insomnia? you may get better rest without pills. >> next, the treatment some doctors now say is a safer and more effect fix. plus, the trick to getting a baby to sleep through the night starting at two months old. why the recommended method, though, is not sitting well with parents. >> all new tonight at 5:00, this iconic image under the mic microscope, the subject of an investigation, all new at 5:00.
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studies suggest people suffering from insomnia get more shut eye trying therapy. new guidelines from the american college of cognitions say behavior therapy works well. there's other recommendations including eliminating naps and distractions, especially those electronics. if you still awake 20 minutes after getting in bed, don't lie that, just get out of bed. speaking of bedtime, a story in the wall street journal grabs attention of many sleep deprived parents today. >> suggesting two month old babies should sleep through the night by crying it out. in the story, the pediatrician calls this method extinction believes parents should not intervene when their baby cries after being put to bed, and he says the younger the baby, the better, starting the practice at two months old. local reaction was mixed. >> i disagree with that. if my chill's crying, i'll hold.
4:56 pm
>> it doesn't hurt. >> no? >> no. >> we called dr. cohen's office this morning for reaction, but did not get a response. our viewers are chiming in about the controversial parenting advice on the facebook page. join the conversation and let us know what you think. we'd like to hear it. >> i'm asking her across the studio, thumbs up or down? >> no, i could not do it. >> it's hard to listen to. >> i know. >> i know we tried it, but later on, they were older than two months old. >> you want to comfort them. >> it's a topic, definitely. >> here's keith and denise. >> she gave an -- >> no. >> all the way down. all new at 5:00, we are talking about a proven lifesaver. >> tonight, pick it-under-par just as easy as bread and milk at acme's in the area, but there's controversy. >> and we're going to stay in the cloudy, cool weather pattern as more rain chances, too, before the week is over.
4:57 pm
we have sunshine in the forecast finally. that is straight ahead. birds' newest edition went big time. seeing carson wentz next at 5:00.
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at giant, shoppers low prices by the thousands, plus a thousand more that just dropped. all these low prices! what are you trying to do, get me to feed the whole neighborhood? no. just trying to save you a whole lot of "bread." [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags, thousands of low prices. my giant.
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right now at 5:00 on the next trip to the store, you could come home with milk, egg, and a drug that stops heroin
5:00 pm
overdoses. a local grocery store provides easier access to a controversial overdose drug and some say it enables addicts. >> we don't save the lives, we can't get them to recovery. that's the most important thing right now. >> today, a supermarket chain in the area committed to keeping it stocked in all pennsylvania pharmacies, making it available right away. good evening, i'm keith jones. >> it's narcan, reversing the effects of overdose. >> we understand this version of the drug is different than what the first responders carry? >> that's right, keith, theirs have to be assembled this does not have to be put together. use it right out of the box. it is just one way that this is becoming more easily accessle. it's a nasal spray s


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